Rainy Days & Sleepless Nights

As strangely beautiful the storm is ... it has it's way of affecting moods. It's been raining non-stop for four days now. It seems that I haven't slept in as long. It's odd how I love the gloomy weather so much, I'm happiest when the sky is gray and over cast and the hint of a rain storm is on it's way.

I plan all day ... creating to do lists and checking over them to make sure I've missed nothing. Though when I'm home at last my mind begins to wander and I make up new projects as I go ... after cleaning the damn house of course. I did finally dig into a project for a friends Web Developing business. I'm mixing the music and sound effects for his clients page.

Just because I'm such a nice guy, I let the cats in out of the rain. In thanks they proceed to take over the house ... two on the couch and one who loves my computer chair. Everywhere I go I have to shoe cats away. Good thing I like them. ;)

A friend gave me an article a few weeks ago. It talks about how writers are the worlds best procrastinators ... finding any excuse not to write. Nah ... not me! I love to write. hummm ... I successfully put off writing anything today and I actually had today off. Where is that article on writer's block? I'm going to need that. ;)



Man, I even made a Blogger account, just to post here. You should feel mighty special. Although I probably won't use it (unless I'm compelled to write another blog!), it'll be mighty nice to post on others' Blogger blogs.

But I surely know how to-do lists go: you feel pulled together, prepared, then you dig in and get sidetracked with other things you need to add on to the to-do list. Have you ever started out with a to-do list 5 items long, and at the end of the day, you end up with 10? And didn't get to any of it? That's me.


you have to sign in to comment?!! oooy i'll have to try to fix that ... that sucks. Although, I can't seem to rid myself of this shit eatin grin I have that someone clicked my link to this one, let alone signed up to leave a comment. It feels pretty damn good. Thanks ;)

And yes ... that uncanny strange deja vu. my list now covers a page and a half of a legal pad. I add more on it than I cross off finished. Soon it will get so long and overwhelming that i'll toss it and start a new one. LOL!