Boomerang Thoughts

Boomerang Thoughts: Thoughts that suddenly get lost somewhere in the great void and then slowly return when you least expect them to.

An exercise in free writing: Just put your hands on the keyboard and let them fly. Spelling, Grammar, who gives a shiznit? It's too bad you can't loose weight with this exercise. The more thoughts you dump onto the paper the more poundage you lose. This root beer gut has to go!

Perception Chronicles? Can you say "they suck!?" ... My self promotion needs some improving too I see. I'm my own worst critic. Although, if I expect anyone to "want" to read my stuff, it has to be better. I constantly rewrite the articles I've already posted, sometimes in lieu of writing new posts. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, even letters or notes. (Not my free writing obviously!)

So ... Um ... Why do I need to communicate these Chronicles? Why do humans need to communicate?

physical Issues - To be happy, physically, emotionally?
Social Issues - To be included, part of a circle of friends and share ideas?
Practical Issues - To hopefully influence someone with our ideas?
Identity - ah! That's a huge one! Who am I? ... I have no clue ... It's a matter of perception. (Everything is a matter of perception!) How do I see the world? How do I want to see the world? How does the world see me? An ol' cadger who writes depressing Chronicles. ;) Well ... I do have a sense of humor. I just forget where it is sometimes. Alzheimer's ya know. Can't even spell that word. I guess in my case it's Sometimer's.

Over all my Perception Chronicles seem to fulfill all those requirements ... My readers, however, require it to be worth reading ... That may need a little tweaking.

Forthcoming will be ... (Ivy League words are cool!) an article on an idea I'm kicking around about shared reality. Everyone has one base reality that we all share ... Then we build our own reality on top of that. Interesting concept. I have only a few ideas of where to go with that one. And the garbage can is full, so ... Process of elimination is cool too!

And you all thought Millty's thoughts were whacked. ;) I wonder what was in those brownies ... hmmm ... Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Now there's a strange reality. hmmm... How can I blend that into a shared reality? Gotta go write ... I actually have an idea. (nope ... no clues ... just an idea)